I Know You Know

April 7, 2010 – 6:58 am | by Peekay

It’s September and 11 year old Jamie is going to a run of the mill comprehensive and living on a sink estate. The only bright spot for Jamie is that he is living with Charlie, his father, who has big plans and one last secret mission to complete.

In an attempt to evade the enemy agents Jamie helps Charlie with delivering the final vital documents, enthralling the young boys imagination as he hides from passers by and creates diversions.

However as they wait for the final £2 million payment it slowly becomes clear to Jamie that maybe things aren’t exactly as his dad is making out.

Robert Carlyle is quoted as saying that he feels this is one of his best performances – and it’s probably true. He brilliantly and flawlessly portrays a man pushed to the brink of sanity by forces outside his control, and his attempts to reconcile them.

Young Jamie is touchingly portrayed by newcomer Aaron Fuller who perfectly displays the love and concern for his father.

Highly recommended. I Know You Know is directed by Justin Kerrigan and released via Network Releasing

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4 stars (out of 5)