May 29, 2008 – 1:44 pm | by Lianne Jones

Shutter (2008)“Shutter” by director Masayuki Ochiai, is a chilling tale of a couple being haunted by a mysterious spirit. It echoes previous horrors such as “The Ring” and “The Grudge” with it’s ghost carrying the conventional ominous appearance of black hair, pale skin, a long dress and dark penetrating eyes.

Ben and Jane Shaw are young, newly-weds heading for their honeymoon at a country cottage. Jane hits a woman in the road en route, their car careers out of control and the couple are knocked unconscious. When they come round, Jane remembers the woman in the road but, neither her, Ben nor the local police force can find a trace of her.

The couple head to Tokyo for photographer Ben’s new job on a big fashion photo shoot.
Mysterious white mists begin to appear in the photo’s he takes, on shoot and in his spare time with wife Jane.

Jane discovers that these are known as ‘spirit photos,’ something the Japanese are so interested in that there is a magazine dedicated to the phenomenon. She then takes it upon herself to find out who is haunting them with some frightening consequences.

“Shutter” is a gripping film with a decent paced narrative and an interesting twist to the tale. It is jumpy in parts but, not too frightening. All in all, it is an exciting story with good characters and enough horror elements to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

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4 stars (out of 5)